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Old Town Alexandria Restaurants – Fine Dining by Chef Robert Wiedmaier

Led by the distinctive vision of Chef Robert Wiedmaier, 2009 DC Chef of the Year, approachable food and wine are integral to Lorien Hotel & Spa's vision of the perfect boutique hotel. BRABO by Robert Wiedmaier features the award-winning cuisine of Chef Wiedmaier. Paired with a casual neighborhood spot, BRABO Tasting Room, and an ideal place to buy great wine and cheese, The Butcher's Block, this trifecta has quickly become a favorite of Old Town Alexandria, Virginia residents and visitors.

BRABO by Chef Robert Wiedmaier

Our award-winning Brabo unites traditional Belgian cuisine with contemporary creativity for distinctive Old Town Alexandria restaurant experience. Learn more »

BRABO Tasting Room, an Old Town Alexandria Restaurant

Casual and lively, BRABO Tasting Room is a neighborhood favorite. Here, affordable, flavorful food and drink flow forth daily. Learn more »

Alexandria Restaurant Photos

Just as our boutique hotel tells a story, our dining venues do too. Find out more about the different stories we tell through our photo book. Learn more »

Events at iyr Old town Alexandria Restaurant

From The Washington Post to the RAMMY award for "Chef of the Year," Chef Wiedmaier and BRABO have received a generous amount of critical acclaim. Learn more »

The BRABO team

Led by Chef Robert Wiedmaier, our team brings a rich, varied background. The result is the synergy and sense of hospitality for which BRABO has quickly become known. Learn more »

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