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Every Kimpton Hotel tells a story, each has a distinct personality. The stories are as varied and colorful as the hotels themselves, be they about wine, literature, wellbeing, theater...to name a few. Each story

promises the boundlessness of inspiration, adventure and delightful surprise, while each hotel offers the consistent unsurpassed services and quality of the Kimpton Hotels brand.

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The story of Lorien Hotel & Spa is Dreams.

Our hotel evokes a timeless feeling where dreams take flight and your visions, however small or large, can take shape. A fleeting fancy like having an in-room spa treatment easily becomes a reality. Delight your senses, if only for a little while, and live a few of your fantasies during your stay.

Whether you are visiting Alexandria and the Washington DC area for work or leisure, we hope to inspire you to indulge a dream, if only for a moment. Lorien Hotel & Spa provides the atmosphere, services and amenities to encourage you to take time out, to daydream, to let your imagination flow, to create goals, to be inspired by our historically rich surroundings, to explore ideas and or to simply rest.

Sleep well. Lorien Hotel & Spa provides luxurious custom linens and a peaceful atmosphere where you can relax into dreamtime. For the ultimate pampering, we provide superb spa services at Lorien Spa. Delectable room service also lets you cocoon in your room and be cared for completely. Indulge in the services of our Bath Butler who will draw a warm and aromatic bath in one of our fabulous claw-footed tubs - just imagine the wonderful night's sleep after such a luxurious bath.

Dare to dream. At Lorien Hotel & Spa, where our story is the celebration of dreams, we have created dream-come-true experiences and exceptional service available from the Dream Service, Bath and Terrace menus. Wish upon the first star you see through the telescope or recount last night's dream over sunrise breakfast on one of our unique outdoor terraces. Soak in a soothing aromatherapy bath drawn by our Bath Butler or spoil yourself with Champagne bubbles and bath bubbles. Whether it's a comforting treat of milk and cookies, music from our Lullaby Library or just the right kind of pillow, we invite you to bring on sweet slumber and turn dreams into reality. Simply use the Dream button on your inroom phone, and these services are only a touch away.

We are making our dreams come true, too. Our dream of harmony flows into all of our business practices, where we dedicate ourselves to caring for our guests, employees, neighbors and the planet. From our eco-friendly EarthCare program to our kid-friendly services and amenities, to our support of local charities and charitable programs, our vision of a better world is realized daily.

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