Collaborators: The DFS Group

Lorien Hotel & Spa: A Luxury Alexandria, VA Kimpton Hotel

Opening up beyond its courtyard entryway, Lorien Hotel & Spa is like a secret garden, a world of luxury, daydreaming, inspiration, tranquility and pleasure. Just steps from the charms of Old Town Alexandria and the countless historic sites of Washington DC, Lorien Hotel & Spa offers an oasis like no other. Imagined and then realized, our boutique hotel and spa is the result of the creativity and commitment of many. Our collaborators:

The Designer

Award-winning New York designer Vicente Wolf accentuates calming simplicity, bringing forth a contemporary elegance that defines our hotel. Spaces are open, comfortable, relatable, with classic design and contrasting textures for reflection and movement. Wolf extends his art to his striking photographs throughout the hotel, lending to our dynamic surroundings. More about Vicente Wolf »

The Chef

Acclaimed Washington DC chef Robert Wiedmaier brings his culinary vision to the dining experience at Lorien Hotel & Spa. From the destination BRABO by Robert Wiedmaier to the casual BRABO Tasting Room, Robert Wiedmaier's touch is elegantly present throughout. Learn more about Robert Wiedmaier »

Kimpton Hotels

Leading the way in upscale lifestyle hotels and the boutique hotel experience, Kimpton Hotels features over 60 stylish hotels across the country as part of its collection, each reflecting the personality of its surroundings and embracing the Kimpton Hotels signature elements of care, comfort, style, flavor and fun. Find out about Kimpton Hotels »

Social Responsibility

Kimpton Cares: Kimpton Hotels is committed to social responsibility and playing its part in making a positive social and environmental difference in our community. Learn more about Kimpton Cares »

Planet Earth

EarthCare:: Lorien Hotel & Spa, an eco-friendly hotel in Alexandria, proudly collaborates with Planet Earth, incorporating over 40 environmentally responsible practices as part of the Kimpton Hotels' EarthCare program. Learn about our EarthCare Eco Program »

Kimpton Style Catalog

Take part of this collaboration home with you. From the bed where you slept the best you ever have to the soaps with the relaxing fragrance, extend your Kimpton Hotels experience. Visit the Kimpton Style Catalog »

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